We organize art jamming sessions open to all interested people and for organized groups. Each group consists of 8 to 12 people. Typical art jamming session takes 2 hours.

We offer everything that is needed for an artistic group event, including access to paints, art materials, canvas and guidance from the artist - all in a positive and harmonious environment.



The cost of participation in an art jamming session for an individual is 35 €

The cost of participation in an art jamming session of a group is 330 €

Families of 3 or more, students and schoolchildren get a 25% discount.


One of the essential skills of each team member is cooperation. It can be developed through participation in a workshop, in which individual team members have to perform a task, the result of which is necessary to achieve the group goal.

A typical teambuilding workshop is where the team takes on the challenge of completing a task with limited resources (information, time, things, etc.). They are also often associated with competition with another team. On the other hand, teambuilding art jamming workshop is focused on mainly positive experiences and emotions. Such positive states trigger greater creativity and willingness to cooperate in the team.


The whole team works on one large canvas. Each person is given a brush and has to choose a piece of canvas to paint over. The task of the team is to create a common painting on a given topic (e.g. team metaphor, our mission, our dream office, etc.). It is important that team members pay attention to the work of people painting alongside so that the whole picture is consistent. Once the painting is finished it can be taken and hung in the team office. 

Place & Price

Teambuilding art jamming workshop is suitable for a group of 8 to 10 people and lasts 2 hours. It takes place outdoors, in a park or a private garden. In case of bad weather, it is possible to organize art jamming in the restaurant or hotel lobby. 


The cost of participation in teambuilding art jamming workshop per person is 35 €


The price includes access to paints, art materials, canvas and guidance from the artist. We can also provide drinks and snacks for art jamming participants for an additional fee. Possible costs of renting the premises are not included in the price. 

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