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When was the last time you felt free to act in your own way? You had enough time and space to express yourself? You were not limited by your own or others' expectations, rules or schemas? At ART JAM, we provide you with all the necessary conditions so that you could feel free and joyful again.

What is art jamming? In short, art jamming is about free artistic expression in a group of people by painting what you want and how you want. The rules of creation are kept to a minimum: we don't judge ourselves or others. The presence of other people helps to create an atmosphere of community, fun and mutual inspiration, while the present artist-practitioner helps to maintain this atmosphere and organizes the proper environment for creation. 

One of the precursors of art jamming is Arno Stern, a German-born pedagogue and researcher. After the II World War, he entered an institution for war orphans in France, where he uncovered the primordial role of the play inspired by painting, for which he created an original environment called Closlieu. At ART JAM, we are inspired by his philosophy of artistic expression, however, we have developed our methods of releasing human artistic potential and creating an atmosphere of play and fun.




To enable self-expression and to give participants a sense of freedom in creating, we work on large sheets, standing and moving. Depending on the place where the art jam session takes place (indoor or outdoor), we paint on the wall or large sheets spread out in space. During the creation act, participants move between the “canvas” and the table on which the paints are arranged in a specific order. Painting on a large surface with harmonious movements is like a creative dance. Each of the participants can create their own work, it is also possible to create a group painting.




Art jamming is intended for all people who want to express themselves through art. We organize open sessions mainly for adults who have no formal education in painting or graphic arts. However, we are open to organized groups of youths, who would like to spend their time in a creative, joyful way and strengthen the group spirit.



We organize art jamming sessions outdoors, in parks and private gardens, and indoors, in restaurants and halls. When choosing a place, we take into account its spaciousness and the proper atmosphere.


Gerry Louisett

Founder of ART JAM. He studied communication design at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. Since 1996 he has worked as a graphic designer for advertising agencies and later as a user experience design consultant for large corporations. Meanwhile, he has been developing his passion for painting more and more intensively, especially on large surfaces. In his atelier in Mannheim, he kept painting with both artists and amateurs, where he discovered that the process of creation itself is much more important than the result. This gave rise to the ART JAM.

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