29.08.2020 / 15 pm

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Art Jam Berlin at the Reichstag building?

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Creation without fear and expectations

ART JAM creates a space for artistic expression, builds social skills and helps to rediscover one's own creative potential.


We want to build networks and strengthen group spirit, develop peoples’ self-reliance, offer a good and healthy balance to work and everyday life.


We offer everything that is needed for an artistic group event, including access to paints, art materials, canvas and guidance from an artists - all in a positive and harmonious environment.

ART JAM - We love it! 😍

Finally something original on Saturday evening! It was fun, ... I would never have thought. There is a great artist in every person. Thanks Gerry!



Thanks Gerry for paints and great community idea, it was fun!


 I can no longer just sit, eat and drink at parties. Movement and art... I missed that!


Music and art... exactly my taste. Thank you Art Jam, it was a nice change.😍😍😍😍😍


For the first time since my childhood I took brushes in my hand and WOW, I can paint again!! Thank you so much!


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